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 Waterproof Floatation Transducers and Speakers

PQN Audio designs innovative audio transducers (sound emitters) and waterproof speakers for many water leisure industries. PQN Audio products can now also be found throughout the float industry.

The Float Industry has unique requirements when it comes to audio. As many float constructions offer very little service accessibility the importance of confident reliability is even more vital. PQN Audio’s top rated Spa-TFX waterproof transducer, as well as our Spa-T & SpaTM waterproof audio transducers offer innovative quality for years of reliable performance. PQN waterproof transducers are ideal for float tank, float cabin, floatroom and float pod audio. All PQN audio transducers are certified IP68 waterproof rated.

PQN Audio’s Special Performance Audio (SPA) series of waterproof transducers and waterproof speakers are designed for years of quality performance, providing innovative audio solutions for all OEM & After-market applications. Our exclusive Spa22 & Spa35 spa speakers prove that dynamic audio reproduction can finally come from a compact speaker system. The Spa24 and our newly introduced Spa34 wall-fitting spa speakers are designed to install through a single mounting hole without need for additional hardware. Both the Spa24 & Spa34 are fully waterproof with their salt and chemical resistant construction while offering a full 360° seal.

For larger cabin and room installs PQN Audio’s Spa610 6” waterproof dual cone speakers as well as the economic ECO50 and ECO60 Ultra-Slim waterproof speakers will both provide quality audio.

Whether your float audio needs calls for waterproof spa speakers or waterproof transducers you can find your waterproof speaker solutions at PQN. PQN Audio offers full OEM support and private label services.

PQN Audio is dedicated to bringing new & innovative great sound to your float experience. Listen to PQN Innovation… audio to float on.

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